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Get to know the RADIANT sisters of Thrillin Theta Chapter!

Tejal "Side Step" Patel
Position: President
Graduating: Spring 2010
Crossed: Fall 2007
Hi! My name is Tejal and I am a senior at UMBC! I am a biology major and plan to graduate and apply to pharmacy school. I was born in Olney, MD and I am Indian. In my free time I enjoy dancing and spending time with family and friends. My friends tell me that I am an energetic and loving person.


Alexandra "Wildfire" Evans
Position: Senior Status
Graduating: Spring 2010
Crossed: Spring 2008
I am Black American. I am a Biology major. I LOVE making stuff, that's the best way to sum it all up. Knitting, crocheting, cooking, ceramics, graphic design, all that stuff. Dogs and birds are my favorite animals. My favorite color is blue I guess, but really I just love retro colors i.e. anything you'd see on the set of Match Game.


Shiva "Dreamcatcher" Soleimani
Position: New Membership Chair
Graduating: Spring 2011
Crossed: Fall 2008
I was born in Iran. I am a Biology majoy, pre-dental track. I am currently a junior here at UMBC. I want to one day become a pediatric dentist and open my own practice. My favorite thing about UMBC is being a part of this radiant sorority called, Zeta Sigma Chi Multicultural Sorority, Inc. :)


Tolulope "Divine Mind" Sodimu
Positions: Secretary, Alumnae Chair
Graduating: Spring 2010
Crossed: Spring 2009
My name is Tolulope Sodimu and I am a Senior Biology student. I am currently pursuing a career in medicine and hope to be an oncologist one day. I am Nigerian, and I am part of the first generation in my family to be born in the US. I am a TV junkie and I love watching movies. I really enjoy hanging out with my sisters!


Anastasia "Astraea" Andreadis
Positions: Assistant New Membership Chair, External Social Chair
Graduating: Fall 2010
Crossed: Spring 2009
I am of Greek heritage. I am originally from the DC metro area, and I am pursuing a B.A. in Economics with an emphasis in business. I love meeting new people and learning about different cultures. I enjoy dance, fashion, and art in all forms.


Alexis "Scarlet Ibis" Crooks
Position: Inactive
Graduating: Spring 2012
Crossed: Fall 2009

Hey Guys, my name is Alexis Crooks and I am a junior here at UMBC. Currently I am studying Financial Economics so that I can go on to get my MBA. With my MBC I will be able to open my own one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories boutique that I have designed myself.


Karvis "Nebula" Higgins
Position: Cultural Coordinator
Graduating: Spring 2011
Crossed: Fall 2007
My name is Karvis Higgins… the DEUCE of Delta Line! I was born and raised in Baltimore City and am Greek and Irish. I love to figure out how things work... especially the brain!


Sue-Lynn "SwΣΣt StylΣz" Hubbard
Position: Treasurer
Graduating: Spring 2010
Crossed: Spring 2008
I am biracial; my mom is Malaysian Chinese and my dad is British. I am a SENIOR bio major/psych minor and I hope to be a dentist in the near future =) I love to eat and sleep. Dancing is something I really enjoy and my friends are my backbone. My favorite color is RED.


Laura "RΘck Steady" Kehe
Position: Vice-President
Graduating: Spring 2011
Crossed: Spring 2009

Hi, my name is Laura Kehe of Eta Line and I am a currently a junior majoring in Economics, with a minor in Spanish. I come from a very diverse family.  My father is German-American and my mother is Caribbean-American, specifically from the island of Montserrat, located in the Lesser Antilles.  After I graduate in the spring of 2011, I plan to pursue a career in corporate law.  I love to sing, have a huge passion for music and my philosophy on life is to live life to the fullest!


Irene "Aurora" Jawarish
Positions: Fundraising Chair, Community Service Chair
Graduating: Spring 2011
Crossed: Spring 2009
My name is Irene Jawarish. My nationality is Arabic, I was born in Maryland, however my family is from Bethlehem (where Jesus was born). My major is Psychology and I am in the Physical Therapy track. I would like to complete my real estate license and move to California to sell luxury properties. I am the oldest of four children and the favorite in my family.

Nikita "Skylark" Gabay
Position: Public Relations Chair
Graduating: Spring 2011
Crossed: Spring 2009
What's up everyone, my name is Nikita Gabay and I am a transfer student at UMBC. Hmmmm, I like to eat alot. =] Ok, seriously, I love having fun and joking around but I am serious when it comes to my school work. Both of my parents are Jamaican, so I consider myself Jamaican. I am very big on family and I cherish the relationship I have with my family. I like to be active at all times and  I love children. I play alot of different sports for fun such as basketball, softball, tennis and track. I also love art. My major is Geography, I am minoring in education and working a certificate in teaching. Ok, I think that is all. Toodlez!!


Eliseba "Nishati" Osore
Position: Internal Social Chair, Webmaster
Graduating: Spring 2011
Crossed: Fall 2009

I am biracial, My mother is White American and my dad is Black Kenyan. Being biracial is one of my favorite things about myself. I am a Social Work and Sociology double major and I am a junior. In the future I want to work with ex-cons, or teenage parents, or people with HIV/AIDS, or anyone who needs help!!! Basically I just want to help any group of people who is extremely disadvantaged. My favorite color is rainbow and I love art, music and hanging out with my sisters, friends, boyfriend and family!