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    In 1990, eight determined women at Northern Illinois University came together to form a bond like no other. They had a new idea for an organization that would unify all women of different cultures, ethnicities, religions and backgrounds. This organization would also focus on the pursuit of higher education and achieving academic success. These strong women wanted to not only teach others at their school about their ideals, but they wanted to share their dreams and experiences with others as well.

     They called themselves the Mommy Chis and formed Zeta Sigma Chi, Multicultural Sorority Inc. on March 3, 1991. The idea of combining the principles of Education, Success, Culture, Service, and Sisterhood to make an impact in the lives of every woman as well as the community is the main goal of the organization. The uniqueness of the sorority includes its vast multicultural base with regards to culture, ethnic group, race, religion, orientation, opinions, beliefs, and identity. One of its many strengths is pushing academic success among its members in their undergraduate, and post graduate careers.

Zeta Sigma Chi facts:

Colors:                   Peach and Black
Symbol:                  Unicorn
Flower:                  Peach Rose
Motto:                   "Keeping the Dream Alive"
National Website:

Mommy Chis
Maribel Campa
Zandra Cortez
Sandra de la Roca
Veronica Escobar
Sandra Gomes
Jacqueline Herrera
Laura Murillo
Julie Sanders